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Motorcycle Racing Cropped

Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, off road motorcycles, motocross bikes whatever category of 2 wheeled fun, this is the most popular off and on road power sports machine made. TK’S is here to help set that bike up for you, with valving, springs ,rebuilds ,repair and maintenance we have what you need to make the most out of that day in the woods or wherever you ride.


Bike service is one of the, if not the most crucial part of owning and enjoying bikes, Forks and shock service are how you keep that bike riding like new. We try to keep service pricing as simplie as possible with offering amsoil shock therapy oil for every service and stocking all shock seals and the most popular fork seals in the industry we are sure to make this a quick painless process to allow you to stay out there and enjoy your riding time.

We suggest fork and rear shock service every:

35hrs for standard use

15-20hrs for racing applications

10-15k miles of road use


Fork Service

*Includes labor, full cleaning and inspection, oil of the correct weight and amount and reassembly. (This is for both fork legs) *On and off road

$130 for set

Fork Seals

Fork seal price depends on brand and size of the forks, we recommend OEM NOK Seals for most trail and non-racing applications and SKF seals for aggressive track/XC and racing applications.


Fork Bushing Complete overhaul


Rear shock service

Includes labor, disassembly and inspection, oil of the correct weight, reassembly and nitrogen charge.

$45.00 Each

Rear shock seal kit

These are OEM KYB, Showa or WP Seals, Includes Oil Seal and head outer seal ( IFP and Nitrogen cap seal if available)


Bottom out bumper


Valving, springs and setup:

Getting your bike setup for you is like making sure you buy shoes in the correct size. Buying a size 12 if your foot is a size 9 is uncomfortable and awkward. We have all the components to give you a strong setup for your bike and give you that advantage and comfort on the track, in the trail and on that long ride.

Valve Spring Setup

Fork Valving (Shim Stack)


Fork Springs

*Will depend on bike year , make and model

$139.00 – $169.00

Rear shock Revalve


Rear Shock Spring

*No Collars, spacers or reducers (if needed)


KTM WP Shock Fill Valve conversion

Factory allen screw will not allow refilling of nitrogen , New Schrader fill port is added to the Rezzi cap to allow refilling


SKF Mud Scrapers


Bike Shock