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This page will help you determine if the shock you have is a rebuildable shock. After reading this page if there is still any uncertainty your more than welcome to send us a picture or the shock/s in questions with year make and model and we are more than happy to help. The purpose of this page is to help the customer self-determine if shock repair or replacement is the best and or only option.


Kyb/Hpg Use primarily 3 different style fill valves. Found on the body end of the shock or on the piggyback/remote rezzi canister. These can be brass colored or painted silver or purple depending on shock color.

1. This is the most common style fill valve they use, 10mm brass hex valve with a Philips head machine screw in the center to keep debris out.

2. This Is the Schrader style HPG/KYB fill valve, usually covered by an accord cap to help protect it these are older and not used much anymore on snowmobile application but still widely used in the motorcycle world.

3. The newest style found on G4 sleds are similar to a fox setup where the fill valve rubber pellet is set directly into the nitrogen reservoir cap. This is only currently available on a piggyback shock.

FOX/Walker Evans

Fox and Walker Evans started as the same 7/16 fill valve with and o ring and have used the same rubber pellet from 1980-current. So what has changed? The housing this pellet now sits in and what protects the rubber sealing pellet from the elements. Below we will show you a few of the fill valves that will help you identify if your shock is rebuildabe or not. Rule of thumb: if it’s a Walker Evans or fox it will be a rebuilable shock. These company’s do not make any but rebuilable units that we are aware of.

  1. This is was the standard fox/walker fill valve used since the 80s with a 9/16 hex head and an Allen center screw for protection from debris. Fox has since moved to other fill valves but Walker Evans still uses this style. This will be found on the end of the piggyback/remote rezzi or at the body end of the shock.

2. Fox and walker both have a Schrader style fill valve as well pictured below. Walkers are clearly visible with fox protecting there’s nicely with a recessed Schrader and a protective cap.


ACT has used a few different fill valves over the years, a flat head style with an Allen head or a 9/16 brass hex with Allen head screw in the center. Also located at the body end of the shock sometimes threaded in a body cap or with a 1 piece aluminum body.


Elka, Ohlins, ZBROZ, Motowoz, Custom AXIS, Bandit, JRI, KING, all rebuilable units. Just look for any type of fill valve that would indicate the shock is rebuilable.

There have been in recent years a lot of Chinese knock off brands on the market coming from eBay and amazon. While extremely cost effective these shocks use off the wall seals and are usually a 1 and done throw away shock. There is a reason good quality shocks demand the price they do there is a lot of R and D that goes into these units along with a lot of high tolerance machining. The old saying you get what you pay for holds true in this case.