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Snowmobiles, Our true passion and our staple work. Every season from late October to early April we work tirelessly to get these units done to make the most out of the already to short and sporadic season. We understand the importance in a good ride to make the most out of the time you get on the snow.

Snowmobiles have been one of the longest power sports to come with high performance, quality built shocks. Company’s like Fox, Ryde FX, Walker Evans, KYB, and HPG to name a few. With the abuse, massive amount of moisture and small quantity of oil these units have it is crucial to have these units serviced on a regular basis to allow you to stay on the snow while it’s here.

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Snowmobile Shock Services

Standard Service

Our standard service includes Amsoil shock therapy oil of the correct weight for manufacture, labor to tear the shock down, clean out any contaminates and inspect the shock then recharge with correct nitrogen PSI. This service is required at different intervals for different shock manufacture, but a good rule of thumb is first service should be at 2yr 1500 miles for fox and walker units and 1000 or less for KYB/HPG units. 2yrs or 2500 miles after that initial service is performed, all this depends on use and riding style as well.

Standard shock service ……………………………………………………………….. $35 EACH*

* (Including float units. We don’t charge extra for remote rezzi’s or piggybacks)

Shock Valving

Shock valving on sleds is unlike valving on wheeled vehicles , WHY because the is no rolling over bumps and objects , skis and slide rail rear skids slide over trail objects and snow conditions can change drastically over the course of 2 or 3 hours depending on weather conditions. It is crucial to be able to take full advantage of the full adjustment range given in some of these shocks and even more crucial the valving be tailored for the machines intended use if you do not have any type of dampener adjustment on the shock. We have a list of machines that have commons issues with shock dampening that we can apply the correct valving stack and get that machine to work as intended for the customer. Here is a short list of some of the most common machines we get questions about. (This is just a few there are many other known issues with many other machines.)

Skidoo rmotion center shock:

2012 to current….

This shock in the tnt and x models is ridiculously under valved in the compression stack even medium speed trail riders find the limits of this shock very quickly after a few good hits. With some valving on the center shock and couple tweaks to the rear main shock we can make even the kyp plus tnt shocks a fantastic trail setup.

Polaris Axys switchback , pro s:

2015 to current

Once again the center shock on both the switchback and pro s are valved to light in the compression department, The first sign is if the shaft bump stop is missing or looks like a hotdog that got stepped on that shock will need more compression valving. The softer the clicker setting the longer the oil life and cooler the shock runs. The switchback with the 136 has had some issues with rear end buck as well and a little shim adjustment in the rebound stack of the rear main shock can take care of that.

Arctic cat Procross chassis, RR, Sno Pro , xc:

2012 to current

The rear shocks are too heavy on compression for the standard and even aggressive trail rider making these sleds tough to get 150+ miles a day on stock. Pulling about 30% low speed and 15% high speed valving out of the rear main shock makes a night and day improvement in ride plushness and bump compliance on these models. We also have found the sweet spot for the float units with a little shim adjustment in the compression and rebound side of the valving it will help tremendously on a long days ride with arm pump and upper body fatigue.


Polaris Walker Evans compression clip failure:

2009 to current

While not a known valving issue this is just a failure issue that seems to rear its ugly head for aggressive riders and due to lack of shock maintenance. 1st and most important get the shocks serviced on time, 1500 miles is what Polaris and walker recommends on these units it will help reduce the risk of failure. 2nd Check your clicker position, if your toward the firm side of the compression adjustment get the shock valved firmer, it keeps the pressure lower on the clicker head assembly therefore reducing the strain on the clip and likelihood of clip failure. 3rd If the sled is diving in the corners one way or another, or the clicker is stuck or feels like there is sand under the cap good chance the clip has already failed, get it fixed before it destroys the piggyback bore and or the valving stack.

There are a few fixes that can solve the issue, either new head with new clips, or a thread in style head assembly that does not use a clip at all, let TK’S help resolve and solve this issue for you.

Spring kits

One of the more affordable bolt on suspension upgrades dual and triple rate spring kits help to smooth out the stutter bumps while still allowing the big hits not to bottom the machine out. Best paired with valving to match the spring rate and terrain. We feature Twisted springs from Hygear Suspension for our builds, these high quality Made in the USA spring have an amazingly tough powder coating to look and perform great for years to come. Available for most machines, sport kits have nonadjustable separators (No Crossover adjustment) and race kits have spring separators that have adjustable crossovers.

Dual Rate trail sport series spring kits.


Sport Series

Dual rate race series spring kits.


Race Series

Center shock dual rate spring kits Available in both sport and race.


Torsion spring spacer kit available for sc4, sc5, and r motion skids.


Arctic cat 141” rear linkage kit – up to 2014


Race Series

Arctic cat 141” rear linkage kit – 2015+



Race Series

Polaris Pro Ride rear shock spring with body guard (Select Rate)

Polaris Pro Ride rear shock spring with body guard

Float Dual pressure kits front shocks Bottom fitting.

Float Dual pressure kits 1

Float Dual pressure kits front shocks side fitting.

Float Dual pressure kits 3

Float Dual Pressure kit Rear shock w/clearance kit.

Float Dual pressure kits 2

Float Dual pressure kit Rear shock w/o clearance kit.

Float Dual pressure kits 2

**Torsion springs are available for almost any machine, there are so many options and variables its best to inquire with your needs.


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