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Used ATV | UTV And Snowmobile Shock Q&A

Before I Start

This is a very in depth conversation with a lot of variables and a lot of opinions, we will give you our input, a look from a shock repair/builder perspective. I am going to write this as a Q & A to help break it down a little easier. This is a MUST read for anyone who is looking to purchase used shocks for their machine to try and restore ride quality or replace a suspected bad shock. If you’re looking for upgrade you’re in a different boat and toward the bottom of this Q&A you will find a few answers for you.

General Q&A



So if you take 1 thing away from this entire thing, it’s that bolting on a used shock is not a solution to ride quality issues. Just because you can’t see oil quality doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. If you’ve got rebuildable shocks and you’re having ride issues, rebuild them. It’s cheap, fast and easy maintenance and insurance. If you don’t have rebuildables and you get a good deal on some have them serviced/rebuilt before install. Weather by us or another reputable company do yourself a favor and just do it.