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ATV Service

Standard Shock Service

ATV shock service, sport or utility include amsoil shock therapy oil of the correct weight, the labor to disassemble the shock, fully clean, inspect, reassemble and bleed the shock and charge the shock with nitrogen of the correct PSI. On Float or air shocks service price remains the same and service also includes float sleeve seal cleaning and float fluid.

ATV Service – $35 per shock.


ATV’S are one of the most important machines to get tuned, Why because when your only working with a 16” shock with 4” of usable shock travel it is crucial to use that to the fullest. OEM manufactures try and tune these shocks for every rider and every terrain, meaning the low speed is to stiff for east coast trail riders and high speed is to soft for west coast and desert riding. Let us get the shock working properly for you so you can use every inch of available travel and enjoy it .

Shock Valving – $25.00

ATV Spring Kits

UTV Spring KitsDual and triple rate spring kits are an economical way to improve your spring rate to better match the type of riding and riders needs. If your contemplating a spring kit and shock adjustment , while it is definitely a bigger pill to swallow shocks are valved according to spring rates and setups. So we valve your shock for the spring (along with the other information you provide) that we have at the time . If you plan to add a spring kit shortly down the road the shocks can be setup for that kit but ride quality will suffer prior to having that spring installed.