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Ship to address:

TK’S Shocks
9320 Prindle Rd
North East, PA

You can call/text/email or message to let us know they are on there way and check what the current lead time before sending them

Once we get them checked in if there is anything abnormal or we are doing a build that requires parts ordered we will get them looked at to start getting parts coming to ensure the quickest possible turn around.

Before the units go on the bench we will contact you to go over the build and work we are to perform

If there are any changes during the build/work or there is something unexpected we will contact you to confirm and or go over options .

Once the shocks are finished we will get and invoice ready and contact you for final payment

Final Payment can be made via paypal, credit card over the phone, venmo, cash in person and check.

Shipping instructions:

(The shipping form must be in the package with the shocks)

  1.     Please print and fill out the shock build/shipping form. (You should receive a copy by email. IF YOU DON’T, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN SEND YOU A COPY FOR YOU TO PRINT AND PUT INTO THE BOX.)
  2. Remove the springs – You can loosen the threaded retainer and remove the clip on the end, the spring will come off the shock, this will save shipping weight, and package size. If the spring requires removal with a compressor because the threaded preload adjuster is stuck, or out of throw we can remove them . If you just are not comfortable removing the springs there will be a fee to remove them. If they cant be removed we will normally waive the fee. We are all for helping but please help us.

  3. Remove bolts and bushings.

    I know the bolt and bushings being left in the eyelet seems convenient but we need to remove them to service and rebuild the shocks. We also are not responsible when a bushing becomes lost in transit and or in the packaging. This happens a lot we received the shock with only half and upper or lower bushing and its not in the packaging. Did it fall out in transit? Did it fall out during packaging ? Did it fall out while removing the shocks from the packaging? 1 answer, Keep the bushings with you ziptye them together , label them whatever works.

  4. Package the shocks

    The key to packaging is making sure they have no room to move, whether the shock fills the entire package or you use filler to keep them tight either is fine, but when the shocks are in the package and taped up they should not move in the package, you should not be able to shake them. Shipping is very rough business, but packaged correctly they will make it safely . ( We do not have an issue if you compress the shocks for shipment to us to reduce package size, some builders frown upon it but if you have something you can keep them compressed with wire, zip-ties, cable, rope it can defiantly save a lot of size and cost in shipping. (The shipping form must be in the package with the shocks)

  5. Tape the package

    Tape around the package length wise, then width wise then around the corners. Filament tape definitely works the best if its available. Tape over the lable to keep it from getting ripped off or wet and stained.


    There is not always someone available at our shop to sign for a package. Our shop in on a secluded road in a rural area , carriers leave packages by our shop door or put them right inside the door. If you do have shipping confirmation on them there will be a service charge if we have to go to pick them up .