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Popular Custom Builds and Retrofits For Snowmobiles

One area of the market we have spent a lot of time developing is retrofits and custom builds on sleds. We have focused on the budget and in season models the manufactures have sold for years. The biggest cost savings to the manufactures to allow these units to be priced lower than higher end models are the shocks. We have solutions that can give you the edge over even the top models, the Polaris Indy, Shift and Rush models. Skidoo TNT, Sport and Adrenaline and Arctic cat LXR. All of our shocks are reconditioned, new seals and wear components and carry a 1 yr unlimited mileage warranty.

*Since these builds require used core units its best to inquire as to current inventory. We normally have enough inventory to meet customer demands.


Front Shocks:

  1. Walker Evans

From 17” to 18” the front of the xp/xs has a lot of options. Our most popular build for these is the Walker Evans Piggyback clicker Needle shocks. We suggest 17.5” Length to help with high speed cornering and roll in the corners. We prefer the units with spherical bearing eyelets for wear and longevity as well as help with eye to eye offset during suspension travel. We open the spherical bushing up to 10mm slug the shock to 17.5 (or your desired length) valve and spring* them according to the machine and rider weight and you’ve got a front clicker piggyback shock setup for 625$

*Standard package comes with a single rate spring, dual rate spring kits available as well for addtional 225$

Prices current for 21/22 snowmobile season.

Skidoo Front clicker Walker Evans piggyback needle shocks. Black or white spring color in rate required XS/XP 08-17

XP/XS 17-18″ 


Skidoo Front KYB Pro 40 shock package Dual speed/ single speed compression and rebound. OEM Spring Black XS/XP 08-17 , G4 ras3 17-21

XP/XS 17-18″ , G4 Ras 3 18″

Single spd $1050 , $1150

Dual spd $1250$, $1350

Skidoo Front KYB Pro 46 Shock package dual speed compression and rebound, G4 Ras X 21+ (NEW)

G4 Ras X 19.5″


Skidoo Front KYB/HPG Plus R Shock package rebound clicker (Black and Silver) XP/XS 08-17 17.375″ 

XP/XS 17.375″

Black $550.00

Silver $450.00

Fox QS3 Performance Series Piggyback clicker XS/XP 08-17 17.5″ Black or white spring (NEW)

XP/XS 17.5″ 


Skidoo Front KYB/HPG Plus Shock Package Preload adjustment only REV 03-07, XP/XS 08-17, G4 Ras 3 17-21

Rev 03-07 17″-18″, XP/XS 08-17 17″-18″, G4 Ras 3 17-21 18″

$350.00 , $350.00, $400

2.   Fox Zero pro

Also available from 17” to 18” these 5/8 shaft piggyback clicker units provide great adjustability and more durability for the extremely aggressive riders. Valved, shortend, and sprung for around 700$

Fox Zero Pro piggyback clicker 5/8 shaft Shock Package. Updated schrader cap, new spring white or black 17-18″ 


Rear Shocks:

We carry all available shocks that were offered for skidoo SC10-3 , SC4, SC5, and rmotion rear skids in both 120 mxz and 137 Renegade lengths. There are quite a few options available for different models.


Sc10-3 rear main shocks will only work in sc10-3 applications with stock bushing config. The only oem clicker is the side exit HPG shocks with dual speed remote piggybacked to the main shock. The center shock with the cup style shaft eyelet will work in SC4 and SC5 skids. The flat eyelet will only work in sc10-3.

Rear MXZ 17.25

Rear Renegade 21.5

Center Both 13.25


The rear Main shock runs a longer body bushing allowing 2 plastic spacer bushing to fit on each side . This setup will work for both sc4 and sc5 rear main shocks. Piggyback units were available on x package sleds. The center shock also has to be the cup style shaft eyelet with the shaft facing down on the center shock for clearance purposes.

Rear MXZ 17.25

Rear Renegade 21.5

Center Both 13.25


Rear main and center shock basically the same setups as the sc4 and are interchangeable. They also offered piggyback pro40 on the center shock available on XRS models

R Motion (RM)

RM shock length stayed the same, the valving and position was the largest change as well as the center shock length being increased by 1”. Sc4 and 5 rear main shocks will fit with press in body bushing changes only in the 120” skids.

Rear MXZ 17.25”

Rear 129 skid 18.75”

Rear Renegade 21.5”

Center ALL 14.5”

Monotube rear main shock HPG steel 120″ (OLDER SHOCKS FOR SC10-III AND OLDER)

17.25″ SC10-III


Monotube rear main shock KYB plus 36mm 120 , 121, 129 and 137″ track length  (tnt/blizzard OEM)  SC10-III, SC4/5, Rmotion

275$ 120 and 121 17.25″ 

350$ 129″ 18.75″

450$ 137″  21.75″ (New) 

Monotube rear main large aluminum body c46 sc10-3 only ,121″ and 136″

350$ 121″

400$  136″

KYB  Pro 36mm rear main clicker shock 120″, 121″,129″ and 137″  track lengths (x package)

 400$ 120″ 17.25″

 400$ 121″ 17.25″(side exit hose for sc10-III)

550$  129″ 18.75″

 550$ 137″  21.75″

KYB Pro 40mm rear main clicker shock 120″, 129″ and 137″ track lengths (xrs shock)

450$ 120″ 17.25″

600$ 129″ 18.75″

600$ 137″ 21.75″

Monotube center shock 13.25 steel SC10-III 121, 136

SC10-III $225

Monotube KYB plus center aluminum SC10-III , SC4/5, R motion (tnt/blizzard/x package shock) 

250$ sc4/5 13.5″

275$  rm 14.5″

KYB pro 40 center shock SC4/5 , R motion  (xrs shock)

475$ SC4/5 13.5″

600$  RM 14.5″

Polaris Indy, Shift, IQ


While each model has specific need’s we have both Fox and Walker Evans piggyback compression clicker setups available for the INDY (17.5 front), SHIFT and IQ sleds (18” Fronts). With a dual rate spring setup this greatly improves darting and inside ski lift as well as giving great adjustability at a hell of a value at close to 550$. (Double check with us for availability and current pricing)

Walker Evans, or Fox clicker units sprung and valved.

700$ 18″ IQ , early Pro R (2011), Rush 600

Monotube Fox zero pro, zero comp, or Ryde FX with springs. 16.5-18″ (black, white or red springs)

400$ 16.5″  Edge 

400$  18″ IQ, early Pro R, Pro X (2015+)

400$  17.5″ Pro R (2012+) , Pro S, AXYS,  Indy


We stock many OEM Walker Evans , RYDE FX, and Fox rear shocks that were factory offering on the dragons that are direct replacement clicker units for the rear skids of the Polaris sleds.

Clicker rear main shock.


Monotube rebuilable rear main shock.


Clicker center shock.


Monotube Center shock.


Arctic Cat


Most cat sleds have rebuilable shock setups right out of the box. With Either ACT, Fox or Ryde FX setups we can repair most any shock for the cats, we have some retrofits available but with new fox selection it’s tough to justify the price of used when new is so close ,  Some of the Sabercats and older ZL sleds came with Ryde FX through away shocks so we carry a lot of fox units for these applications as well as the new procross cat and yamacats we stock front fox qs3 and qs3r units and build fox zero pro piggyback clickers for these sleds (Inquire about availability, current pricing and other shocks not covered here)


Front Fox QS3R 1.5 piggyback clickers 18.38″ 42″ front end (kashima coated ) Compression and rebound clciker 5/8″ shaft (NEW)

12-current Procross/Yamaha ,ZR, XF, F, Sidewinder, Viper ,42″ Front end 

$1500.00 42″ front end 

Front Fox QS3 1.5 piggyback clickers 18.38″ 42″, 40″ front end Compresion clicker 1/2″ Shaft  (NEW)

12- current Procross/Yamaha ,ZR, XF F, Sidewinder, Viper 

1100$ procross 15⁰ offset eyelet 42″ Front end 

1100$ procross 90° offset mountain upper front arm  40″ Front end 

Fox Float Evol R 42″ front end  low speed compression and rebound with piggyback rezzi and evol 18.5″ 

12- current Procross/Yamaha ,ZR, XF F, Sidewinder, Viper 42″ Front end 

950$ procross 15⁰ offset eyelet 42″ front end 

Fox QS3 piggyback rear main 129″ 14.5″ 


420$  129″ slide action procross 14.5″ (new)

Fox QS3 piggyback rear main 137″ 15.5″

420$ 137″ slide action procross 15.5″ (new)